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Join the dream. Sustainable, 

innovative, growing.

Grow fruit and vegetables from a fish tank.


Our Mission

Educator and Gardener at heart

The Aquaponics Project was founded in 2020. Our founder, Andy Wright, has been a keen gardener for most of his life. His first growing experience came at a very young age with a small patch of the family garden in which he chose to plant a sycamore tree, one metre from the back door.

Thankfully, now with 20 years of growing experience, he has learnt a bit more since then. His personal favourites are sugar snap peas, strawberries and any type of herbs he can get his hands on.

Whilst working in Malaysia he was introduced to the world of aquaponics and he has not looked back since.

Andy has over 15 years experience in education and believes any future potential change to people's eating and growing habits will come through teaching people about more sustainable ways to live. He passionately believes this will remain at the heart of what The Aquaponics Project stands for.